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About Us

JJOP Realty Services helps corporate and retail tenants find the best property for their strategic goals.We are a subsidiary of JJ Operating, a 50 year strong family business servicing the New York city corporate property management sector.Building on our market experience and connections nurtured at JJ Operating, JJOP Realty Services offers property matching and lease negotiation services to compliment our successful property management portfolio.

Our Services

In business, who you are is just as important as where you are. Street appeal, foot traffic, car access, parking, and even who your fellow business neighbors are really do matter. But how do you find the right location to build and thrive?

First, we take the time to understand your brand, your operational challenges, and your strategic goals. We then take these goals and pair them with our network of established relationships with various corporate tenants, financial institutions, investors, and vendors to find your business the perfect home. With boots on the ground – and backed by extensive market research – we leverage our experience and local knowledge to deliver the right location at the right time. Whether you are looking for corporate office space, an in-fill location at a thriving retail hub, a flagship store with freeway access, open space for a tech startup, or creating a presence in an up-and-coming neighborhood – we are right there to not only secure the space but negotiate the lease, guide you through the necessary permits, and make you move-in as stress free as possible.

So call us today. We’re hear to listen and fulfill your business location ambitions with the grace and efficiency that can only come from a hard working regional team who treats your business as seriously as you do.

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JJOP Realty Services
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Phone: 212-265-5570
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